Saturday 10 March 2012

The Nail Polish Diaries - Topshop Nail Polish Range Review

So my posts on the 'Nail Polish Diaries' continue this weekend with Topshop Nails -

I was lucky enough to receive the two pink polishes for my birthday from my friend Kim (thanks Kimmy) and the crackle glaze I purchased when I was in Topshop Oxford Street

The crackle glaze is called 'Frosty' and the hot pink shade is called 'High voltage' and lastly the sparkly red / pink shade is 'Blitz'

I love both of the pink shades of polish from Topshop but the crackle glaze is not my favourite. 

I bought it thinking that I could use it as a stand alone polish without it crackling and it just doesn't work.  Don't get me wrong it works fine as a crackle glaze but it doesn't do what I hoped it would.

I love the packaging of the Topshop make up range, my favourite is the black eyeliner pen, it has taken over from my beloved Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner because the Topshop pen is so much easier to use without any faffing around of brushes. (enough about that though I shall do a full review on it soon)

You can buy the 'Frosty' Topshop polish 'Here'

You can buy the 'High Voltage' polish 'Here'

Unfortunately the colour 'Blitz' does not appear on the Topshop website anymore, although you may be able to find it on Ebay?

I think these polishes are great value as they are only £6.00 each and that's a good price for a polish which performs well and is cheaper than some of the leading brands.

Have any of you tried the Topshop polishes? 

The one I am lusting over is below -

This polish is called 'Ice Crush' and I think it's beautiful! You can find it 'Here'

Thanks for reading, don't forget I have an extensive collection of Nail polishes so there will be loads of posts going up, as well as reviews on the Champneys kits that I got as presents on my birthday.

Have a great weekend.

Hugs as always




  1. I love both pink shades they'er gorge!! I haven't tried any Topshop make up products myself but I'm hearing a lot about it so I might have to give in and give it a try. Looking forward to further reviews.

    I am now following you, please check out my blog comment and follow if you'd like. I'd appreciate it :) xx

  2. Thanks for the moment Wura! Will check your blog out now :-D


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