Monday 30 January 2012

Vlogs 1 & 2 - Chinese New Year Parade, London Shopping - Primark and Topshop

                   So today (Sunday) my buddy and I decided to go to London Town to see the Chinese New Year parade in Trafalgar Square, here's a little Vblog about our day and the little shopping bits that I picked up! (Happy Days) 

Please excuse my voice I am still suffering with this flu / cold bug and I sound awful!! But at least I feel more like myself today, it's taken nearly two weeks though! :-(

(There is large photo content in this blog so be warned)

Vlog 1


Pics of our trip to London

Me and My Buddy

The maddest Police stand I have ever seen!

Vlog 2 of my purchases -


Topshop Make up stand - I have bought 2 items from here, I have never tried Topshop make up before excited!

Lola's cupcakes inside Topshop Oxford Street - we were going to buy some but with it being Sunday opening hours we just didn't want to hang around for an extra hour

They looked scrummy!

I love the front of Selfridges - such an impressive building

NEVER going here again (going to keep to my local store) - it was like the world was ending and Primark was the only place people went too! LOL

My Primark Purchases -
Cute canvas this was £4.00 BARGAIN

This canvas from Primark was also £4.00

Topshop Purchases -
Crackle nail varnish in Frosty £6.00

Orelia Bracelet in the sale for £5.00

Barry M duo pencil sharpener £1.59 (Topshop crackle nail varnish on thumb)

Topshop Black Eyeliner £6.50

I didn't buy much in this shopping trip because I am saving and I'm making sure I don't spend too much when I have more important things to spend on (how sensible!)

I am really excited to try the Topshop makeup because I have heard rave reviews from other Bloggers about how great it is.  The bracelet matches the ones from New Look that I have and I am wearing in one of my videos above.

The Primark bits I cannot wait to place in my new home.. hopefully that will be in about 4 months time yipppeee!

I hope the year of the dragon brings me some good luck - so far 2012 has made me ill with this bug and miss time off of work.  I hope moving and feeling settled will happen and also a holiday would be nice!!

Have you tried Topshop Make up before?  And if so what do you think of it?

Thanks for reading / watching and please subscribe to my blog via Google friend connect, and subscribe to my You tube channel - I am thoroughly enjoying blogging and Vlogging it's so much fun and I'm meeting such great people.




(photos all my own)



  1. Aww looks like you had a lovely time! Makes me wanna go London too!:) Btw was lookin at the exact same crackle from Topshop yesterday, that's gettin quite creepy how simmilar taste we have!:D Oh and the canvases are so cute!:) xx

  2. Yeha the crackle nail polish is nice, But I tried to use it as a normal nail colour today and all its done is flake and look nasty! Defo should fo got the normal nail polish!!

    Got a nail design kit from Topshop too but can't post on that yet as my friends bought it for me for my birthday! :-)

    and yeah we are two peas in a podd!!

  3. You got some lovely bits and pieces, I miss London :/

  4. Aww Lucy we shall have to get some fellow girly bloggers together for girls day out! What do you think?

    I love you're blog.. You're always so honest.



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