Monday 16 January 2012

There's no point having pink in your blog title if you can't spread the pinkness!

Afternoon Guys

I decided to do a bit of a random set of posts about how much pink I have in my life and why I decided to call this blog "pinkchickclaire"
First up today on my obsession with pink is my current office equipment.
This is all mine (who's else would it be? LOL)

So first up the gorgeous Leitz hole punch and stapler -

Leitz are expensive but the colour of these are so vibrant and make you smile as you use them!
You can find them here - Amazon they retail from £12.97 depending on the size you are after.

I just couldn't bring myself to leave them at home, one day I will have a desk of my own at home to blog from (ideas for the desk to follow)

Hello Kitty Coaster

Simple things make such a difference.  These coasters are from Clintons - Clinton Cards and are a bargain at £1.49!

And lastly Minnie Mouse - she takes pride of palce on my desk at work and was from Asda originally, I think she is so adorable.  You can find similar from the Disney Store here - minnie mouse 37cm small soft toy this one is £12.00.
All in all I think it's good to personalise your desk at work, afterall you spend 7 or 8 or maybe more hours there a day!  I don't have many photos on my desk but I do have two pictures of my cats.
And lastly my dream of a desk at home ...
The set up of this desk is just beautiful.  Simple and elegant and Minimalist.  I love the silver wallpaper and the clear chair which gives the room and desk a feeling of space and light.  I have lamps like the one here already, so this is definately a favourite of mine.  I can always add my little hint of pink to jazz it up!

And the other option -

The same principle of the clear chair, but this time a wooden more traditional desk with a bunch of cutesy flowers and setimental pictures.  I love how simple this set up is, and I think it will be easy to copy from Ikea / Argos etc.

What do you have on your desk? Do you blog on your desk at home?

Thanks for reading.




(Images my own, two desk images taken from Google)


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  1. I love the pink stapler n hole punch! They look sooo fancy!:) N I defo love the idea of transparent plastic chair, will have to write that down, as thats definitely a must have heh not in my room now tho, its so tiny that i had to get fold up chairs, fold out sofa, shove fridge under the table n d rest on window sill haha cant wait to get a new place n hv such blogging table like you plan on havin!:) xx


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