Monday 2 January 2012

New Years Day Reflection, Items to buy for 2012

Hi there!

I hope you all had a fab new years eve yesterday?  I spent mine with a friend and we had a 3 course dinner, watched movies and went for a walk to burn it all off! LOL it was heaven.

I never make new years resolutions because I never keep to them, nor do I ever think they help me much. 

This year I really want to -

* Move in with my friend, and have a home instead of a stop gap with storage fee's costing me loads each month.  I love where I currently live but it's always been temporary and I miss my dressing table and gorgeous iron princess bed.. I can't wait to sleep on that again!

* Get settled in my current role, I have only been there for 5 months and I am still learning so much.

* Lastly - Start dating again, I have been single for a while and as much as I enjoy being independant and having no rows or agro, I'd love to go on holidays, and share things with a partner.  I also plan to spend more time with my friends doing weekends away and girly spa days and my wish would be to go to Paris on the Eurostar!  I have never been to Paris and I love everything about it. 

* And I suppose saving would be good, I won't be moving anywhere without savings!! :-(

Here's hoping 2012 gives me more luck than 2011 did, the past 2 years have been extremely difficult for me and if it weren't for the strength of my friends I wouldn't be back to myself!

I am enjoying starting this blog and making new friends... lets hope it leads to great new adventures....

And lastly here's some things which I have been lusting over recently and I plan to get as many as I can!

I love VIPXO blog and these images were taken from her blog page.  This bag rules!!

I also really want this -

It's so feminine and gorgeous and it's currently in the sale for £40.00 but I don't get paid for another 3 weeks :-(  I love TOWIE and Gracieve is the Faiers sisters clothing range, I follow the sisters on Twitter and noticed Sam wearing this in a photo and I just fell in love with it.

I also need a new HD camera / video recorder for this blog, I was thinking of a flip video ultra but I am unsure as to what other bloggers prefer to use?!  Anyone have any suggestions?

Another item which I noticed on another blog, but I follow so many I can't remember what one is this bangle -

This website is very sweet but these silver bracelets are a steal for £14.00 and I love the fact that they come in sing, love, live and dance versions each with cute sayings around the outside.

I have also neglected my Ipad case and spilt tea, and nail varnish on it (thank god not on the pad itself!) I have my eye on this one -

Marc by Marc Jacobs
You can find it here, it's £45 but I love it and of course its pink!!

Also I love Next all my work clothes are from there, and I have my eye on some of the fab new range of wall art.  I love Buddah's and purple I find both of these things so relaxing.  And seeing as I will be moving this year these are things I can take with me.

You can find the whole gorgeous set up of the room below, most of the images I can't copy and paste to show you, but if I could I would have all of it.

Also I really need a new toaster and have alwyas wanted a Dualit, my current toaster doesn't even allow me to toast full slices of bread only mini slices?? :-(

You can find this toaster below its £59.95, I would buy a pink one but I know that black would go with everything.

Thats my list for now.. I have a post to write for you about the trip my friend and I took for Christmas to London for afternoon tea and cocktails.  I shall try and post that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love

Claire xx


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