Monday 23 January 2012

Leighton Denny Expert Nails and OPI Nail Envy Review

I have been trying to grow my nails and have decided as a last resort to try OPI Nail Envy and if that doesn't work I am thinking of going back to Acrylic nails or Gel nails!  I am willing to give OPI a try and will carry on using it for the next month or so and in the meantime I will enjoy painting my nails to hide how short they are and cheer myself up. 

I have noticed that not many bloggers have used or talked about Leighton Denny Expert Nails (unless I've missed something??) And being a QVC fan I thought I would share my opinion on this fantastic range and provide you with a bit more information.
The Leighton Denny Nail Polishes are highly pigmented and are gorgeous.. but as stated in the video I have never invested in a good quality top coat, not even from Leighton's range hence why I think I am experiencing the colours not lasting longer - this is in no way related to the Leighton Denny polishes.  I just need to buck my ideas up and use all the tools from the one range.  (at the moment I use whatever I have)

The colours are great in this kit I have featured, but I purchased these polishes from QVC and the kit is no longer available, but you can purchase all of them individually directly from the Leighton Denny Website. (links to where you can buy the polishes are at the end of this post) Even though the kit is no longer available, I just HAD to tell you about this range and why I love it so much!
Here's the colours in more detail -


The Gorgeous Leighton Denny Polishes

About Leighton Denny -

Award winning and creative dynamo behind the highly successful Leighton Denny Expert Nails range. Leighton has been at the forefront of the beauty industry for over 18 years. 2002 saw the launch his own flagship boutique in Harrods.

In 2005, Leighton then launched his own award winning range of hand & nail care products, receiving critical acclaim from top beauty editors and consumers featuring in major weekly & monthly national publications, becoming the No 1 nail-care brand on QVC, retail partners with premium retail stores in the UK and available in over 300 luxury salons and spas globally With a host of celebrity clients and TV documentaries to his name, Leighton still finds time to be a keen supporter of good causes.

An official ambassador for Genes for Jeans in both 2009/10 he was one of the "faces" of the campaign.
"Jeans for Genes is an incredible charity, raising money and awareness for children with genetic disorders"
Leighton Denny.
From an early age, Leighton was keen to keep his fair skin looking healthy & bronzed. Conscious of the ageing and health-damaging affects of sunbeds, self tanning became the next best thing. Unfortunately finding the perfect self-tan to suit his very fair skin tone was not so easy – the right golden tone, wear evenly, dry quickly, odourless, easy to apply, kind to the skin, but always with a touch of luxury.
It was only after years of never quite finding perfection, he decided to create his own , combining his expertise of the beauty industry and knowledge of high quality, premium ingredients, to develop a self-tan range that delivered a healthy, beautifully bronzed, long lasting tan.

Description of each colour from the Spring Summer 2010 collection -

Talk of the Town - A fun and flirty Summer fuchsia 

Glamour Puss - A playful pink cream that's perfect for fingers or toes. Flirtatiously feminine, it's guaranteed to bring out the woman in you.

The Heiress - A blue-belle purple

Rebel - A rich velvety purple with a deep, intense shimmer.  Plush and dramatic. A beautiful colour for nails that make a style statement.

Talk of the Town a girly pink polish that goes with everything


Please excuse the roughly painted polish - I was in a rush whilst trying to film

Glamour Puss - One of my all time favourite colours

The Heiress Lilac in Colour but goes with everything

The Iconic Rebel colour - my failsafe polish if I want something gorgeous!

I think these polishes would look great on holiday, and with longer nails but I still enjoy wearing them and I love all the comments I receive when wearing these colours.

Rebel can be found here and is £11.00 -

The Heiress is also £11.00 -

Glamour Puss -

Talk of the Town -

Yes these polishes are expensive but as I mentioned before the kits sold on QVC are great - Leighton Denny QVC Brand shop and Leighton takes great care in co-presenting the shows and explaining about his products.  Its lovely to see the creator of a brand take the time to come in to a studio and still love the products as much as the day he first developed them.

Have you ever tried Leighton Denny Expert Nails?  Have you heard of the range before?

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Lots of Hugs



(descriptions of polishes and information about Leighton Denny Expert nails taken from the Leighton Denny Website, pictures are my own)



  1. great post! i love Leighton Denny!!

  2. Thanks honey pleased you enjoyed it! Xx

  3. Great review, Glamour puss looks fab! x

  4. Tabitha - Glamour Puss is fab.. you should definately check it out! Please don't forget to become a member!

    Lots of love

    Claire xx

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