Monday, 27 March 2017

Imperial Candles

I LOVE candles.. I have a slight obsession with them, and nail polish.  
Most people who know me well, know this fact.  I get "the look" from my friends everytime I step into IKEA - and they all say "you don't need any more candles!!" and yes, they are right but, I do not care!!
I have never heard of a candle giving you something back before - who wouldn't want to burn a beautiful glass jar, scented with pure soy wax that offers you a beautiful item of jewellery hidden inside your candle?!
That's where Imperial Candles are in a total candle (and bath bomb) league of their own!!


Monday, 20 March 2017

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Master Series Palette One

So sorry that I've been missing on the blogosphere recently! I've never really had a long break since I started my blog, but what with work, and seeing my brother after 11 years - I kinda needed the break!
My first blog post for weeks, comes to you with a eyeshadow palette that I simply cannot get enough of!

From a brand called Blank Canvas Cosmetics, this palette is called the Master Series One and it's simply stunning!! 

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