Imperial Candles

I LOVE candles.. I have a slight obsession with them, and nail polish.  
Most people who know me well, know this fact.  I get "the look" from my friends everytime I step into IKEA - and they all say "you don't need any more candles!!" and yes, they are right but, I do not care!!
I have never heard of a candle giving you something back before - who wouldn't want to burn a beautiful glass jar, scented with pure soy wax that offers you a beautiful item of jewellery hidden inside your candle?!
That's where Imperial Candles are in a total candle (and bath bomb) league of their own!!

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Master Series Palette One

So sorry that I've been missing on the blogosphere recently! I've never really had a long break since I started my blog, but what with work, and seeing my brother after 11 years - I kinda needed the break!
My first blog post for weeks, comes to you with a eyeshadow palette that I simply cannot get enough of!

From a brand called Blank Canvas Cosmetics, this palette is called the Master Series One and it's simply stunning!! 

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