Sunday, 27 May 2012

Little life update and house news (and my new bedroom wish list)

Hello guys,

So on the 31st May my bestie and I pick up the keys to our new home!

From 2010 to now has been a turbulent few years for me, bad family times (don't want to go into too much detail) and having to deal with no family support what so ever. 

I have been finding out who my true friends are (finding that out the hard way too) moving twice, thinking that I had found a nice flat for myself but that flat being the worst place a human being could live in - mould and black flies, two severe chest infections in 3 months and having to deal with the land lady from hell and environmental health and citizens advice the list goes on!! 

I had to then move back in with a good friend for 15 months whilst all my possessions were in storage costing me a small fortune, But I have come through the worse of it with support from my friends (you know who you are Mags and Leigh and Moose) and strength and just knowing that what doesn't kill you, does indeed make you stronger!

If I could write you a book about my bad rental experiences than I certainly would do, but what I will say is that with patience and trust things always do work out for the best.

So in a few days time I move in with my friend Leigh (Leigh - I know you will read this)  we have been friends since I was 16 or 17 and he knows me through and through.  We have always talked about moving out but with money and things in the way it never came about and now it has I am so blooming excited!

We have never lived with one another before, so it will be a learning experience but we have the same taste in pretty much everything so choosing sofas and home wares is going to be so exciting.

The idea of waking up to a whole house, living with a very good friend who I trust and allowing my two precious cats to have a nice garden to wander around in is making me grin like a Cheshire cat just writing this!

So my friends here is my little wish list of items I would like for my new bedroom and home.. lets hope before the year is out they all become reality!

I don't want to purchase massively expensive items because who has that kind of money at the moment?  So I have chosen white to go with the furniture that I have in storage and then I can accessorise with colour.

My new desk -

MICKE Desk IKEA £59.99 This desk is gloss white, with two large draws where I can blog from and enjoy using.
I'm going to start saving for an IMac and a Canon camera so that I will fully equipped for more blogging!  
 My new make up storage -

HELMER draw unit on casters white £24.99 This unit I shall use to store all of my make -up.  (I have A LOT!)

I first knew about this unit from Charlotte from Lipglossiping blog you can view the post on this amazing idea 'Here'
I have so much make up in storage that finding something white and smart looking where everything has a home really appeals to me! I shall also be buying the inserts called ANTONIUS which Charlotte showed in her blog post above. 

My new desk chair - 
SKRUVSTA swivel chair in white £99.99 This chair although expensive will look great next door to my new desk and looks as though it provides great back support for a granny like myself!

Decoration -
Peony RHS Rose and Wisteria Faux Flowers in a Vase £39.25 the beautiful Peony from QVC faux flower arrangement is absolutely beautiful, it will look lovely on my new desk and instead of them being real flowers and dying quickly they will look vibrant and beautiful as the above every day. 

NEOM 3 wick happiness home candle QVC £31.50 This too will look beautiful on my new desk, and I have heard rave reviews from other bloggers about this range.
<>New Wardrobe -
ASPELUND Wardrobe IKEA £139.00 This wardrobe has a great shabby chic style to it, and the mirror can be placed on any of the doors, meaning you can place it to bounce light around your room.  I do like a piece of furniture to be versatile!

I hope you've enjoyed this little post?  Enjoy the glorious sunshine and think of me packing all weekend!

Hugs as always



(photos taken from IKEA and other relevant websites)


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Zara Mini Shopper Dube / copy from eBay for £16.99 what a Bargain!!

Hi Guys,

So I have been lusting after many a gorgeous item on the Zara website recently, and really some of the prices for things are totally out of my price range! 

So for my alternative 'fix' on a low budget I have been looking at eBay for inspiration.

The orignal Zara mini Shopper

The Zara Mini Shopper

The inside of the bag - I am not too keen on the drawstring as well as the colour of the fabric.  It will become dirty very quickly.




 Here's the link to the original Mini shopper bag from Zara Link £59.99 in Navy Blue
My Alternative

This bag is a nice size, I can fit loads as well as my Ipad

The handles are the same as the original Zara mini shopper - and are extremely sturdy

The inside compartment has space for your mobile and also a zipped pocket for smaller items. 
I also like the fact that the inside compartment attaches to the studs of the bag so it is secure 


The inside section of the bag can be removed and is extremely roomy

How the bag looks in the hand

eBay Dupe description - NWT Stylish Retro Vintage Celebrity Tote Shopper Satchel IT bag Handbag Shoulder Link for £16.99 with free postage direct from Hong Kong!

What do you think of this bag?  They also have it in brown, but I thought black would go with everything?

Let me know if you buy one?  The only downside of this bag is the shoulder strap - it isn't good quality, but I won't be using it that much so it didn't bother me.

Thanks for reading and please leave me comments.

Best wishes




 (photos from Zara website and my own)


Friday, 18 May 2012

Amitee / Pamper Secrets Beauty Box Review April 2012

Hi honeys,

Here's my review on this, my second of the Pamper Secrets / Amitee boxes.
As I mentioned in my video I have had to cancel my subscription to this box due to moving house, but I shall definitely be reinstating it once I am settled in my new home!

The April Box contents are a varied selection of brands I have never tried before.

My video on the contents -

Bliss lid and lash wash make-up remover. 
Soothing, oil-free formula removes make up in one clean sweep (so the card says!)

I have used this product and thought that it just moved my eye makeup around my face, it took around 2 cotton pads per eye to take any eye make up off and then there was still black everywhere! Not impressed really. :-(

Bliss ingrown hair eliminating pads (10 pads contained in this box)
These single use wipes that stave off stubble trouble between waxes and shaves

I haven't used these yet, but they will of course come in handy in the summer when you shave your legs more often and you get stubble rash.

NYX Loose Pearl Powder in 01 Nude
As you can see from the video above I wore this in the video and I absolutely love it! Its sparkly, and gorgeous.  And as bonus it can be used on lips, eyes and cheeks.
Kerastraight Moisture mask x4 sachets. 
This nutrient packed treatment for dry and frizzy hair will replenish and restore your locks back to their former glory.

I am interested to try these, my hair can be dry from colouring my regularly so a different haircare brand to try is always a bonus!

NYX Colour lip balm in nude? (cannot find the wrapper for this)
 This adds colour and also moisture to the lips, so has twice the benefits.
It looks dark on its own but when applied you could easily apply a clear gloss to dress it up a bit.

So that's the April box for you all, what do you think of it?




Sunday, 13 May 2012

April 2012 Favourites / Life update and special guest!

A little late with my April favourites, but here is my selection of things that I loved for the month of April 2012.

Here's the items that I mentioned in my favourites video -

New CID I-Flutter mascara £18.50 can be found here

Caudalie Beauty Elixir £28.50 can be found here

Nubar Nail Lacquer in Isis Purple £6.95 can be found here

Sleek blush in Suede £4.30 can be found here
Yankee Candles customer favourites small jar candles £35.64 can be found from QVC here


•1 x Clean Cotton

•1 x Baby Powder

•1 x Lemon Lavender

•1 x Fresh Cut Roses

•1 x Fluffy Towels

•1 x Sparkling Lemon

Thanks for watching / reading and don't forget to subscribe!



(images taken from relative websites listed)



Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Instyle Magazine, Glamour and Cosmopolitan June 2012 offers and also my first impressions of

Hello lovelies,

So another monthly magazine post today.

I recently received my 3 copies of Cosmopolitan, Glamour and In style magazine for June 2012 and I thought I would update you all on the offers available as well as the lovely free gifts!

Here's a little video for you -

Glamour Magazine June 2012 offers -

 This issue had on offer 25% off at Warehouse, and with the next edition out 31st May your chance to own 1 of 3 Benefit cosmetics products.

In style Magazine June 2012 offers -

 This issue of course had the lovely Nails Inc nail varnishes to enjoy, but also entitled you to £10 off nails inc services in store as well as 20% off at Nails, as well as 20% off at Hobbs.

Cosmopolitan June 2012 offers -

This issue offered readers a chance to subscribe with a free gift from Dainty Doll of 4 items, as well as in the next issue out 7th June your choice of 1 of 3 sunglasses!

Let me know if you have purchased any magazines which have great free gifts or offers inside?

Now onto I saw the advert, I listened to the ladies selling skills and I thought seeing as this is a free website to sign up to why not??  So I gave in, I subscribed and now if you are a huge Neom fan they currently have a sale of Neom products at reduced prices, my advice?? Subscribe! 

The websites not full of products it is easy to navigate around and they have great homeware items available.  I shall definately be buying items from the website once I move.

Thanks for reading.


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