Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas, New Years Eve and Instyle Magazine

Christmas, New Years Eve and Instyle Magazine

Hello and a Happy New year for tomorrow night!
I had a lovely Christmas with great friends and many nice pressies.  Going back to work on the 3rd Jan and not looking forward to being manic again and not having time for anything else!

I thought I would show the many goodies I received for Christmas and the Instyle magazine subscription I signed up for which is an absolute bargain and is definately one to watch out for!

First up Christmas pressies received <3

Lots of nice jewellery, wine, chocs and a onesie!

I also got a Macadamia travel set kit which I have heard rave reviews about so I cannot wait to try that and give you a review on it (thanks to my Leigh).  (link below on the kit)

Accessorize sale bargains purchased on the sale preview day -

The lips phone I have always wanted and this was a bargain at £6.00!  It works perfectly and looks fab.

Cute coral coloured bow ring, this was £4.00 and I just had to get it!
I also purchased a cute poncho, but unfortunately all the items apart from the ring are sold out online.

Instyle subscription I paid for before I broke up for Christmas and it was a steal!!
I got it from this website (see below and the link) and my first edition came today 30/12/11

£12.00 for a years subscription

So definately keep a look on the website for more deals, I love Instyle Magazine and I would of purchased the subscriptions to both (Instyle and Marie Claire) but I couldn't justify it. :-(

Anyways guys I hope you have a great new year, and heres to 2012 of this my new blog and onto exciting things and meeting fab new people!!

Lots of love




Friday, 23 December 2011

Puss In Boots 22/12/11

Yesterday my friend and I went to see Puss in Boots in the cinema.  I love Antonio Banderas' voice and I could listen to him talk for ages! ;-) We were planning to go to see this for a while, but most of work have been ill so we went along once we felt better.  I love Dreamworks and have loads of them on DVD so I was very excited to see this in the cinema!

The film was so cute and funny and I will definately buy it for my friends daughter and I to watch with me one evening once its out on DVD.   It's definately one for the kiddies to see.  There was one character inparticular that I liked he was this little cat who only appeared in the movie 3 times!  He said "ohhh" and his face was hilarious.

You can see him on this link - Ohh Cat LOL!

Here's some random pictures of myself and my friend Michelle mucking around like little kiddies having our photo done with random adverts -



Also the gorgeous Tom Hardy has a new movie out and I couldn't help but take 2 pictures of the advert <3

Merry Christmas everyone! xx


Store Twenty One Bargains

Store Twenty One Bargains 23/12/11

Hi guys, I popped to Store Twenty One this afternoon as I noticed they had a 50% sale on and I do love they're homeware stuff.  I picked up a few things which can go in my little room -

First up was this Keep Calm and Carry on storage box which I thought was cute to put nail varnishes in or toiletries, it was only £2.99 and when you compare online shops like not on the highstreet they're boxes sell for £12 each! here's they're version - www.notonthehighstreet and here's the Store Twenty One version -

Next up was these cute little Cupcake Tea light holders which I saw on my way out which were reduced from £4.99 to £2.49 they are so cute and the tealights are sented and smell lovely.  I cannot find them on the website, but they only had about 4 left in the store?  I do love cupcake homewares, I have quite a few girly things like this.

These Butterfly stickers are also gorgeous I have already put them on my bedroom wall, they are so cheap and they make a great effect for £1.99, it took me 2 packs to make the last photo!  They are also easy to remove as they stick on with a small square of double sided so they don't damage your walls.  (tip though they have plastic on the front of them which you need to peel off to make the mirrors truly catch the light)

I hope you check out Store Twenty One, for cheap Interior items to make a little change on a budget they are worth checking out.


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

QVC Bobbi Brown 5 Piece Vintage Glamour Collection, Decleor and Etsy

QVC Bobbi Brown 5 Piece Vintage Glamour Collection, Decleor and Etsy

QVC Product from my Iphone with the 14 reviews!

I bought this Bobbi Brown set around two months ago, I recently purchased from Bentalls the concealer and it's setting powder and my friend raves about Bobbi so I thought I'd give that a go first! 
This set from QVC is a tad expensive (£62.01 plus UK P&P), but the reviews are fab, the colours are great and I've always wanted to try the famous shimmer brick!  Luckily this was on the QVC easy payments scheme so I could spread the cost of it and haven't had to part with £60 straight away. 

When it came I was very happy with the amount of items -

Above image taken from the QVC website Bobbi Brown 5 Piece Vintage Glamour Collection £62.01 UK P&P£4.45

The fab Bobbi Brown Make up bag that comes with the kit!
The make up bag is great quality and the sizes of the make up items are very generous too.  The black liner I have used before I have around 4 of them already in green, purple, black and brown and use them everyday so having another black to store away once the current one is finished is great and the Bobbi brush is worth quite a bit of money on its own.

My favourite part of this kit has to be the amazing Black Pearl eyeshadow, I love all things sparkley and this is just beautiful!

It stays on all day and doesn't budge - it gives a subtle yet pretty sparkle and will be something I purchase again and again

You can't really see it here it looks different in day time and night time

Sparkling away
Lipgloss - I haven't used this yet as I have far too many other glosses on the go, but the reviews from QVC website aren't bad at all

I haven't used this one either as I am currently still using my Lancome mascara but will keep you posted!
Nice colours of this shimmer brick and looks completely different on the face when used as a light highlighter or blusher

I am really very impressed by this kit, you have everything you need apart from foundation.  What do you think of the products?

Lots of love

Decleor 6 Piece Anti-Ageing Radiance Collection

You can find this kit here -

This was a TSV on QVC around a week ago?  I have only every used the Aroma comfort systeme corps body milk from this range so thought I would give it a go. 
 I have very dry skin and I do like to enjoy the creams and treatments I put on my skin so thought as Decleor was an aromatherapy based company this should be a nice experience.
There was a lot of product in this box and well worth the value of £45.50. 

As you cna see from the photo I have been using the products and I thought now was a good time to give you an over view of my thoughts.

The lovely booklet that comes with this kit

Hydra Floral moisturiser incredibly light texture and a best seller, I really like this cream for the summer months so I shall be storing it away until then.  I have used it before and the smell is wonderful.

Hand cream - lovely texture again and very moisturising
Cleansing Moose - gorgeous to use for dry skin
Relax Intense Shower Oil is lovely to use but not foamy enough for me
I have been using this every night once I have cleansed and mositurised and it really hydrates my dry skin a definate winner
Going through the pot quite rapidly!
How aroma night looks on the skin very moisturising
The thickness and luxuriousness of the cleansing moose 

The complete Kit

My favourite!  This body milk is an oldie but goodie by Decleor - I love the unique smell it has and how it keeps my dry skin glowing

 All in all a lovely kit, and I have been very surprised by how it moisturises my dry skin.  I ahve been using Dermalogica for years and although I will never leave that brand this is a nice break for my skin to have using Decleor for the winter months.

Have you tried Decleor before?

 I will complete a seperate post for Etsy this afternoon. :-)

Lots of love



Monday, 19 December 2011

December 2011 Beauty Box, and Glossy Box review, Thorntons Chocolates, Jewellery Storage by Lori Greiner

Hi guys, thought I'd do this entry as it's things I've been meaning to talk about in December 2011.

Feel Unique Beauty Box December 2011

Now I know that this box has been talked about by bloggers last week, so I'm not going to go into too much detail as I am only going to repeat fellow bloggers comments.  This is my first Feel Unique Beauty box. 

First impressions - The box was smaller than I expected

The clarisonic cleanser I was excited to see, as I was very close to buying a Clarisonic around two months ago, but couldn't part with the cash.  I haven't used this cleanser yet.  The Figs and Rouge balm I am using every night for dry parts of my hands, and also on my lips, so far its ok but I have not noticed any significant difference.  The perfume is very strong, and is growing on me.  The sugar dust I have yet to use, I wash my hair nearly everyday, so need to stop in order to give this a go!  The Nails Inc nail varnish is a fab shade and I would definately buy this in its full size.  All in all I liked the December Beauty Box, lets hope January 2012 box exceeds this one.

Glossy Box December 2011

This is also the first Glossybox I have received. I was naughty and looked online for other blog reviews on both of these boxes before I received them through the mail! I must say this is definately my favourite beauty box so far!  I loved the fact that you receive full sizes of products, the shower gel I have smelt but not used and it is to die for.  

The eyeshadows are very bright and I am yet to use, the reviews for the nail polish remover aren't great so this review is only a basic one so that I have chance to use the products and give you a more comprehensive look at the products but the box came at 8am of a Saturday so as you can imagine I just haven't had the time :-(

Anyway I am very impressed with the quality of this box, and I cannot wait for the January
one!!! :-D

QVC Revolving Mirrored wooden organiser by Lori Greiner

This is the BEST £53.88 I have ever spent!! Yes it might look a mess, (sorry) but I use this everyday.  All my jewelley stays tarnish free, all my earrings stay in place and are in groups, my rings are where you can find them. 

I have never seen this anywhere else before, I know that Lori Greiner is huge in the USA, and she is very innovative with her products.  Check her collection out on the link above.  You'd be amazed by the amount of innovative items, or stocking fillers you will find. 

My next purchase will definately be - Set of 2 bag to bag Organisers with cosmetic case by Lori Greiner in pink of course!!

My hand bag is an absolute mess and these will definately help me out!

Thorntons Chocolates

Please excuse the lopp sided photos!  These are amazing.  I bought the set in the link above for Christmas presents I just hope they go down well!  The best thing about them is no wrapping because the boxes are so pretty!

Thanks for reading

Claire xxx

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