Friday, 30 December 2016

Happy New Year!!

The year that was 2016... what a year it's been for me!
I thought I would wish you all a Happy New Year early, and tell you what my goals are for 2017..


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Pestle & Mortar - Superstar Retinol Night Oil

Did you have a good Christmas?  I bet your skin needs a pick me up??  (I can help you)
With Dublin based skincare brand Pestle & Mortar and the Superstar Retinol Night Oil!
An oil that works whilst you sleep?? YES PLEASE!! And it works too!


Saturday, 24 December 2016

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Just a little blog post from me to you, to say that I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Monday, 19 December 2016

My Little Box Review - December 2016

The penultimate box from My Little Box for December 2016.

This box was a mixed theme, and one which I was incredibly disappointed by.  
So much so, that this will be my last My Little Box - I have just unsubscribed! 🙈
I simply cannot afford to pay £14.95 a month for a box whose contents I'm really not impressed with.


Friday, 16 December 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box - November 2016

A fantastic box from My Purrfect Gift box for November 2016, is today's video.
I'm so thankful to be sent this amazing box to review for you guys!
The box is themed every month, and has gifts for you and your furr baby. 
(depending on the subscription that you choose)


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Space NK Christmas Gift Guide

Do you love Space NK as much as me?
I adore the store, so much so that they are my first stop for Christmas gifts; and the boxing day sale!
With only a short few days to go until Christmas is upon us, I thought I would list my top picks from the site, and of course you can pick a majority of these beauties up in store too! 


Sunday, 11 December 2016

My Little Box Review - November 2016

The November box from My Little Box arrived on my doorstep and even though my review is late - it's here for your viewing pleasure! 
Themed to help you get the bests nights sleep - I adored the theme, but I was unsure as to the contents.. let me know what you think of this box?


Monday, 5 December 2016

Dermalogica Christmas Gifts for 2016

When you're looking at making a difference to your skincare, look no further than Dermalogica.
The brand are skincare experts, and I for one; would be thrilled to receive one of their fabulous Christmas kits under my tree!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Look Incredible Box - November

A fab new box arrived on my doorstep for November.
This great box called Look Incredible - containing 5 full sized beauty products.  
The box has something for everyone = NARS, Marc Jacobs and more, all for £35.00


Saturday, 26 November 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box - October 2016

I LOVE this October box, Cat themed, and filled with unique Etsy hand made gifts - what more could anyone need?
I'm so lucky to review this box for you guys, you can check out My Purrfect Gift Box for yourself 'Here'
Let's delve into the October box..


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Little Bit Lavish Box - October 2016

I am so thankful to receive great new subscription boxes to showcase on my blog.  
For October, a new box was kindly sent to me from Little Bit Lavish - a subscription box for the ladies.
'Sweet Dreams' themed - it was totally made for me!


Friday, 18 November 2016

My Little Box Review - October 2016

So my latest unboxing video has gone live, for the October "Brooklyn" box from My Little Box UK.
Let me know in the comments, what you think of this box?


Monday, 7 November 2016

Dermalogica - Phyto Replenish Oil and Super Rich Repair

Winter is definitely here, and alongside the cold mornings / evenings and what the elements do to your skin we are always fighting a losing battle, but not with this winning skincare combination.

I have used Dermalogica for years, and when I was contacted about the new facial oil Phyto Replenish from the brand; I couldn't wait to give it a go!  
Teamed with Super Rich Repair Moisturiser, your skin will be left doubly hydrated from this miracle duo!


Monday, 31 October 2016

Liberty Star VIP Box - October 2016

Another fab box from the team at Liberty Star VIP for October 2016!
This month's theme was 'Enjoy the little things in life' I try to do this myself everyday, so this month's box was right up my street.  
Let's delve in....


Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box - September 2016 and Giveaway!!

Another month has flown by, and a new box from the fabulous team at My Purrfect Gift Box landed on my doorstep ready to be unboxed for your enjoyment!
What's more, the team at My Purrfect Gift Box have given one of my lovely readers the chance to win the upcoming box for October 2016.  All you have to do is enter my Rafflecopter draw below (it opens 16/10/2016 at 12am until 23/10/2016 at 12am) Goodluck!


Monday, 10 October 2016

Hair By SJ Forbes

Like the next woman, I really enjoy getting my hair done.  My hair has gone through a transformation from mousy brunette to blonde, and it's taken me a long time to get here - but I still need some "work"  When the team at SJ Forbes got in touch, offering to rid my hair of the nasty orangey blonde tones - I couldn't say no!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Amelia Moss - Natural Skincare

I adore organic skincare.  
My sensitive skin really needs the purest of formulations to help it out.
When the team at Amelia Moss got in touch, asking if I'd like to try two products from this assured quality, ethically sourced, natural ingredient skincare line - how could I say no?


Thursday, 29 September 2016

My Little Box Review - September 2016

Hello guys, so you're getting this video a few hours early - as I am snowed under at work! (lucky you)
Here's the latest September 2016 box from My Little Box.
A fashion collaboration this month, with a mixed bag of items, lets delve in...


Monday, 26 September 2016

Homeware Haul with Ocean

As you probably know Marks and Spencers homeware is my current addiction. 
I've recently gone all out since having my own home - and recently purchased a Copper Arc Lamp for my lounge.
When the team at Ocean Loans got in touch and asked me to collaborate with them and update my lounge even more, I couldn't say no!


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Liberty Star VIP Box - September 2016

I love homeware - so if there's a homeware inspired subscription box - then I'm all over it! 

When the team at Liberty Star got in touch to tell me all about their new homeware subscription box I was extremely excited!
I loved this little gem of a box - it contained Copper homeware!! *swoon*


Monday, 19 September 2016

Trouva - Designer Homeware

I LOVE Interior Design - a subject which I was contemplating studying at university, but one which I decided against, and I ended up going down another path.
No that I live in my own house, where I have free reign over my interior style; I'm always looking for inspiration.
I have heard of Trouva before, a place where the best boutiques come together to showcase the best in interior inspiration.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box - August 2016

Sorry that I've been missing this week on the blog - work has been really busy, and I just haven't been in the right frame of mind!  But.. I'm back!!
And today, we are talking about another fantastic box from My Purrfect Giftbox - if you love Cats as much as me, then you'll love this box!  
You can see more unboxing videos over on my YouTube Channel too.


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Paul & Joe Beaute - Limited Edition Makeup Collection

I adore Paul & Joe Beaute - their packaging is totally beautiful, and their formulations are long lasting.
I last reviewed the brand in July 2015 'Here' and I still wear the nail polish often!
When the brand kindly sent me their latest limited edition collection, I just couldn't wait to share it with you.


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tili Beauty Box

I ADORE QVC - I have done so for years, from market research for them, and job interviews and then attending their annual QVC Beauty Bash - I cannot get enough!  
So when I noticed that "the mothership" had created their own Beauty Box called Tili - Which Stands For "Try it, Love it" for £20.00 - how could I say no??

Monday, 29 August 2016

Antipodes - And why I adore the brand so much

It's not often that one brand is written about on four separate occasions on my blog - so it just goes to show how much I love Antipodes.
To celebrate Organic Beauty Week (it's actually on for 19th-25th September) - I thought I would share with you my must buys from this amazing organic brand!


Friday, 26 August 2016

Scrub Love

Happy Friyay!
What do you lovely lot have planned for the bank holiday weekend?
I’m going to be busy building IKEA furniture and fake tanning.. which brings me onto the subject of exfoliating….
A major necessity for the fake tanners among us, you need to exfoliate to give yourself a good base for your fake tan.
When the team at Scrub Love got in touch telling me about their coffee scrub – I was intrigued. 


Saturday, 20 August 2016

My Little Box Review - August 2016

Another month has flown past and it's time for another unboxing video for My Little Box, over on my YouTube channel.
August's box was friends themed.. I had high hopes, but it just didn't fill me with much joy :-(


Monday, 15 August 2016

Do you wear glasses?  If you're of a certain age like myself - you need all the help you can get!
I can't always get to the opticians, so when the team at Firmoo got in touch, asking if we can collaborate together - I got rather excited!


Sunday, 7 August 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box - July 2016

If you love cats as much as I do, then the My Purrfect Gift Box is for you!
Packed full of gorgeous cat themed homemade gifts for you and your feline friend - I simply adore the concept!
The July 2016 box didn't disappoint - to see the contents of this fab box, click on my YouTube video below.


Monday, 25 July 2016

Purrfect Box

As you know, I adore my two cat husbands!  
When Purrfect Box got in touch, offering my two boys a subscription box full of treats and toys - I couldn't say no.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Velvet Rooms 4 Hair

I always love supporting local companies in Surrey- and when the team at Velvet Rooms 4 Hair got in touch with me, about their fantastic salon in Chobham Surrey - how could I say no?

Monday, 11 July 2016

My Little Box Review - July 2016

This month's offering from My Little Box is a total mixed bag.  
If your going away somewhere hot in the next couple of months, then this box is perfect for you!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box

I love subscription boxes and I regularly review My Little Box over on my YouTube Channel.
When the team at My Purrfect Gift Box got in touch, offering me the chance to review one of their themed boxes for the cat lover among us - how could I say no?


Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Little Box Review - June 2016

So finally after taking ALL DAY to upload, my review of the My Little Box for June is live over on my YouTube Channel!
This month's box is Summer themed, let's take a look inside...


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Gothenburg Sweden and a Mini Haul

Last week I was lucky enough to fulfill a dream of mine, by visiting Gothenburg in Sweden!

As someone who loves everything Swedish design; to be invited to go as part of my new job, was an opportunity that I couldn't miss.
We were only there for 3 days, so I couldn't venture out as much as I would've liked - but I still managed to fit in some shopping, networking and drinking along the way!
I thought I would share some small items that I brought back, along with some of my favourite photos from the trip!  (for more gorgeous photos, check out my Instagram Page)

Friday, 17 June 2016

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Mask

I love face masks!  
A little indulgence during the week, or at weekends for a Sunday night pamper - I always try to make some 'ME' time.
A few years ago I was a regular Dermalogica product user, with facials once a month - I must confess I was addicted. 
Then my life changed and I just couldn't afford this little pamper anymore, and I have missed Dermalogica and their amazingly innovative products, ever since.
Then the team at Dermalogica got in touch, and told me about their new Charcoal Rescue Mask.. and now my Dermalogica addiction is back with a vengeance!

Friday, 10 June 2016

My Little Box Review - May 2016

It's been a long time coming my friends, but I'm back!
The long awaited review of the My Little Box for May 2016 is here, and my unboxing video is below for your perusal.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Mii Cosmetics

With feedback taken from thousands of women that use beauty salons, to develop a totally new range of makeup - Mii Cosmetics is unlike any other makeup brand.  
Combining the finest ingredients, unrivalled expertise and ease of application.
Their packaging is very Nars-esque - of a high quality, and their range is constantly evolving!


Saturday, 28 May 2016

Waddle Goose Cyder

Happy Bank Holiday weekend my friends!
To celebrate the long weekend, how about hanging out in the garden with a refreshing Cyder from Waddle Goose?
When I moved house a few weeks back - the team at Aspall got in touch, and offered me a moving in gift in the form of Waddle Goose, the contemporary cyder from Aspall.


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists – a brand that I have heard of before – but I’ve never had the pleasure of purchasing.
When the team got in touch and offered me the opportunity to choose a pair, and then review them, I couldn’t say no.

For someone that when their feet are uncomfortable, they are uncomfortable – I am forever carrying spare trainers in my bag.  The concept of Butterfly Twists is simple – foldable and portable ballet shoes, that fold in half, come in variety of styles - and then can be neatly stored in their own drawstring bag.  


Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Fresh New Start....

As some of you might know, this Saturday I am moving house.  It marks a huge milestone in my life.
My first ever home – for me and my two Cat husbands!  
Months of work, packing, and viewings have come down to this – and I am excited and apprehensive at the same time!

It’ll be weird to have so much silence, no housemates around me every day – but I’m excited to begin this next chapter....
(Image Credit Pinterest West Elm)


Friday, 22 April 2016

My Little Box Review - April 2016

Another month is half done, and this means another box from My Little Box for you lovely people.
This month's theme was My Little Flower Book - a sweet concept for Spring; but not one I fully understand with regards to the contents of this months box.  
To see why, click on my YouTube video below for the complete unboxing.

Monday, 18 April 2016


eSalon is such a unique concept!  
You can use the site for a professionally prescribed at home hair colour called 'Custom Colour' or, you can opt for 'The Match-up' where you can either purchase your own range of hair products and then subscribe for those products to be sent to you every month, or if you need some hair help opt for the Get Matched service where a professional hairdresser will recommend products to be sent to you.
I was lucky enough to meet the UK team behind eSalon, and receive the hair products below from 'The Match-up' range.


Friday, 15 April 2016

Currently Lusting After - Typo Stationery

If you haven't heard of Typo before - where have you been?!
In 23 years, the Cotton On Group has grown to become Australia’s largest value fashion group, with eight brands in over 1,300 retail stores in 17 countries across the world, driven by a team of over 20,000 passionate people, and growing. 
Typo is just one of these brands - it's a one stop concept store filled with super cool gift ideas, fashionable stationery, awesome room-bling and other irresistible products.
I have lusted after their stationery range for years and FINALLY you can now have the range delivered to the UK.
(Hide your debit card my friends!)

Monday, 11 April 2016

Bee Good

I love supporting British brands.  I've heard tons about Bee Good, and how many awards they have won since starting their business in 2008.
Run by a husband and wife team based in Hampshire, the brand has gone from strength to strength.  What's more Bee Good actively supports British bees, not just with charitable donations, but by a programme of tangible support including the education of young beekeepers and the planting of wildflower meadows across the UK.
Bee Good Range

Friday, 8 April 2016

Jewellery - who doesn't love to change up their look with a little ring, and a necklace?
When the team at Jewellery Box got in touch, telling me all about their fantastic jewellery website, I was excited!

Founded in June 2014, and based in South London - Jewellery Box have grown to become a small - but powerful force, in online jewellery.  They send out on average 10,000 orders a week to customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

They work directly with loads of manufacturers, meaning that they keep their prices down.  
They sell Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold and Gemstones too!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Currently Lusting After - Urban Outfitters

I love Interior Design, it was a subject that I wanted to study at University - but one that fate would have it, meant that my decision ended up going towards Marketing and Communications instead.

I follow soooo many Interior Design bloggers and, because I'm moving at the end of April into my first ever house with my two fur babies - I am always looking for inspiration.
I have never purchased anything from Urban Outfitters homeware before, but know that tons of you have!  So here's my first ever currently lusting after 'interiors themed' post.  

If you like this sort of thing, let me know in the comments below, as I have tons of other things on my wishlist from M&S and BHS too!


Monday, 28 March 2016

Candy Coat

If you have followed my blog for years, you'll know about my addiction to nail polishes!
I am always looking for my next nail polish fix, and when the team at Candy Coat got in touch, I thought ohhh this looks interesting!

Created back in 2015 by a fellow nail polish / colour obsessive - Candy Coat allows you to purchase the brands own range of gel nail colours in a monthly subscription box.

With three hundred colours available, Candy Coat offers two boxes which include the monthly Colour Box with just gel polish for £30.00 and then the Subscription Box with gels and goodies for £18.00


Friday, 25 March 2016

My Tips On How To Stay Focused When Looking For Work!

Today's video and blog post is my top tips for keeping going when you're looking for work.  
This recently happened to me, and it's been tough going but I made it through and so can you!
You can view weekly videos from me over on my YouTube Channel.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

I really enjoy finding fabulous new websites for beauty fanatics like me.
When the team at got in touch, telling me about their amazing one-stop-shop for makeup brushes - I couldn't wait to visit the site and see what brands they had on offer!
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